GCB Immigration Service

The Green Card Bureau (GCB) assists people like you who want to accomplish their dream and immigrate to the United States of America. We at the GCB are giving everything for you to have a real chance of winning the much sought after Green Card. We offer many years of experience of helping individuals apply, win, and immigrate to the USA.

The Benefits of Choosing To Work With The Green Card Bureau Organization

An Application free of mistakes. Clear instructions regarding filling-up your request.

A 24/7 help with registration all year long to make sure your application is submitted on time.

Simple enrolment with One-Click Registration

Get answers when you need them with our online support service

Send your photos by mail and enjoy professional photo processing.

Feel Safe knowing your data is secured with a High-grade 256KB SSL Encryption.

Quick contact information update with our cloud-based services.

Assistance in your physical relocation into the USA.

What & How We Do It?

The USA Green Card Bureau Organization provides an efficient, expeditious, and advantageous service for those individuals, from all over the world, who are eligible to participate in the Diversity Visa (Green Card) DV-lottery program and are interested in participating in the Green Card DV-lottery process.

The GCB provides help and guidance throughout this considerable journey and ensures that those who use our services will meet the harsh criteria set forth by the Diversity Visa (Green Card) DV-lottery program.

Our services include filling in all of the required information correctly on your application, ensuring the photos of you and your family are of the right scale, size, and format, submitting the application during the correct time slots in a proper manner.

Throughout the entire process, the GCB then will act as your contact with the authorities, up until your physical move into the United States of America.

The GCB offers full 24/7 support and maximum 24-hour response time for any request from our customers. We understand your desires and pride ourselves with an efficient and expeditious response and handling time. We believe in honesty and transparency and therefore are very accurate with our advertisement, FAQs, call center services all they to our communications.

Since we consider ourselves honest, we also explain several times that the process is mostly free, and an applicant can do everything by him – or herself on the designated website. Should an applicant choose to do so, the consultant politely thank the customer for their time and directs them to the right site to proceed with the process.

Our interactions with all customers are recorded and documented to avoid dissatisfaction, erroneous charges, and any disputes. We encourage customers to give us feedback, and take them very seriously, especially in case of dissatisfaction.